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Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver

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  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver
  • Enrock® EEA720.4 4 Channel Amplifier  - Silver

Enrock® EEA720.4
4 Channel Amplifier - Silver

Item # 8733

MPN: EEA720.4

  • Marine Rated - 60 Watts RMS - 720 Watts Peak Power - Class D
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20kHz - High and Low Pass Filters
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Enrocks EEA720.4 4-channel amplifier was designed compact yet rugged.  The outdoors can be a tough spot for audio gear so Enrock considered the salt, spray and sunlight when designing this Class D amplifier. With 45 watts RMS per channel this amplifier will drive your speakers no matter the application you are using it for. It’s compact enough for a bike and powerful enough for a car. You’ll have no trouble hearing your tunes over the wind and waves with this powerful amplifier.

Weather Resistant for Marine Application
Durable and Powerful for Automotive Use
Compact and rugged for Off-Road Installation

This compact amplifier will fit into a storage compartment on a boat, motorcycle, ATV, or car with optimal performance, despite its size. Should you decide to add a pair of subwoofers you can bridge this amp to a 2-channel mode and send 120 watts to each subwoofer, or switch to 3-channel mode to get a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. With high-pass and low-pass filters, plus bass boost, you can customize your sound output just the way you take your tunes. 


General Features:

  • 4-channel marine/powersports/ car amplifier
  • 45 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (60 watts RMS x 4 at 2 ohms)
  • 120 watts x 2 bridged at 4 ohms
  • Class D amp technology
  • 720 Watts Peak Power
  • variable high- and low-pass filters
  • Sealed Chassis for use in harsh environments
  • Ultra-efficient full range class D operation
  • Built-in Crossover- maximum flexibility
  • 2 or 4 channel input
  • Signal to noise radio 97db
  • High pass filter 120Hz/80Hz
  • Input range: 200mV-10V
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz


Pro Installation Tip Try matching up the RMS rating of your speakers and subwoofers to the RMS rating of your amplifier

Additional Information

Specs: Details:
Item Weight
The weight of product.
Amp RMS Power Output
The amount of continuous power, measured in watts, that an amplifier produces is called RMS power. The higher the RMS figure, the louder and cleaner your music sounds.
240 Watts
Enrock rated power
The range of RMS power the amplifier requires for operating safely and correctly. RMS Power Handling states the amount of power a speaker can handle on a continuous basis.
240 Watts
Amp Peak Power Output
Peak power is measured during a brief musical burst, such as a sudden drum accent. Some manufacturers display peak power ratings on the face of their products.
240 Watts
The brand of product.
Amp Freq Response at RMS Power
The range of frequencies the amplifier will reproduce (lowest frequency to the highest). For full-range speakers, the wider the range, the better. Optimal is 20 - 20,000 Hz, the range of human hearing.
20Hz to 20KHz
Amp THD at RMS Power
The amount of change in harmonic content of the signal as it is amplified. A lower figure indicates less change and a more accurate amp. THD below 0.10% is inaudible.
0.50% Watts
Amp Signal to Noise Ratio
Measured in decibels (dB), this spec compares the strength of the desired signal (music) to the level of background noise. A higher value indicates less background noise.
Amp Power at 2 Ohms
This spec tells you how much more power your amp delivers when presented with a 2-ohm load. You can achieve a 2-ohm load by using two 4-ohm subs wired in parallel, or by using a 2-ohm sub.
4 x 60Watts Watts
Amp Minimum Impedance Bridged
The lowest impedance the amp will handle when it's in bridged mode
Amp Fuse Rating
The amperage and the number of fuse(s) an amp requires.
Speaker Level Inputs
Useful if you're adding an amp to a factory radio, or don't have enough preamp outputs on your aftermarket receiver. Speaker Level Input Types: Harness, Speaker Terminal, RCA.
Off Road Vehicle
Accessories can be safely used in an off road vehicle
Car use
The stereo needs to be installed in a car to keep it safe from outside elements
Marine use
The receiver is designed to be used for marine use. It is protected from water or other outdoor temperatures
Manufacturer Part Number
The Manufactures part number for product.
The UPC Code for product.
The manufacturer for said product
Authorized Dealer
Authorized to sell this product.
Gift Box Dimensions (W x L x H)
Dimensions of the outer box of the product.
11" L x 6.5" W x 3" H
Product Dimensions (W x L x H)
The actual dimensions of the product itself
8.75"L x 4" W x 1.75" H
Size 8.25"L x 3.75"W x 1.75"H
Product Manual EEA7204.pdf

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