About Us

Enrock has established itself as the leader in marine products for boats, yachts, and other vessels since its inception. The Enrock team knows boats by heart, and our products are designed by experts in the field and driven by an inherent intuition of the boater, seasoned or otherwise, would be expecting of life on the water. 

Our success in the marine arena has pushed us to expand into the automobile audio, mobile electronics, and off-road, motorcycle gear, and we're now carrying them all -- the latest models and everything you'll need for your vehicle and bike. We're audio, you know, and we have a pretty good idea of what will work for your car -- what will serve that desired purpose.

We know boats and are intimately familiar with surf and sea. Whether it's a casual sailing, adventures cruising, fun fishing, we got you covered from head to toe, from mast to anchor, from the mundane to the utmost sophisticated to the most minute details of the super luxurious. 

At Enrock, we're also familiar with your car and motorcycle. We're getting a kick out of outfitting them with the right gear and audio equipment. There's something about the knowing that so many thousands of boats, cars, and bikes are roaming the roads and surfing the seas to the sound of super-quality music, outfitted with Enrock products.

Enrock's goods and products are individually created with the marine environment in mind. We swallow the droplets and absorb the moisture, so your gear is all ready to face the splash and wind, rays and rough encounters they'll be confronted with during your cruise. 

You can think of Enrock as the google for marine life, where you and your vessel will be treated with the care and respect you should expect. Our pre-planned, carefully assembled, and custom designed, ready-to-use packages do a great job at attesting our understanding and readiness to provide you with the right product at the most reasonable price in the virtual world. 

Enrock has its warehouse stacked and its offices staffed with the best the market and knowledge-base has to offer. Our award-winning customer service prides itself in its friendly, patient demeanor, and our tech-support team will pinpoint your issue with accuracy matched only by our staff's swiftness and getting you ready to rock and roll!

Our intuitively designed pages will lead you straight to your desired need or product. This includes outfitting your vessel, securing your boat, prepping it for you trip, providing with the gear and accessories for a fun and entertaining experience like you've never imagined. All that's left for you to do is allowing for your fingers to follow your instinct. 

Music is our obsession and safety is our goal. We're also particular when it comes to convenience, direction and efficiency. Find fishfinders, prep your boat for the winter-season, navigate our selection of GPS, radar, radio, satellite devices and equipment. Tune in to our host of receivers and speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Climb into our storage and winterizing section, and anchor your boat with the safety, soundness and convenience Enrock has to offer. 

We're striving perfection, so for our service and prices to as flawless and wallet-friendly as our products. You're encouraged to talk to us about anything related to life on the water, and we'll do our utmost to accommodate your needs. Call us, write to us, or shoot us an email. We'll be awaiting your questions and concerns with a smile and eagerness to help!